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BeTechSavvy - United against scams

Our Team-Up with Trading Standards Friends Against Scams

As we specialise in protecting you and your family's online security and digital world, we have teamed up with Tradings Standards 'Friends Against Scams' as Scam Champions.  We can advise you and your family on how to protect yourselves from all types of Scams; ranging from digital, telephonic, advertising, mail etc.  Feel free to ask us for more information on how to protect your family.

Click below for further information on how to become a Scam Champion yourself:

Download the leaflet opposite

Or the in depth Scam Champion guide

Do You Worry About The Online Privacy Of Your Family?

We can provide technical advice and solutions to quickly and effectively protect your personal information and data privacy online; helping prevent your identity being stolen online.

Do You Just Require Some General PC Advice?

Perhaps you're looking to upgrade your computer or laptop and are not too sure what you require or are unsure how to use an operating system effectively?


Do You Want To Try an Alternative Operating System to Windows?

With the rise of Malware across all platforms, we can provide technical advice on various Linux operating systems and their set-up and use. We specialise in 'All Platform'© technology regardless of whether you use iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or OSX or Chrome OS.

Do You Require Training On Any Aspect Of PC's?

We can provide practical training either one-to-one or in a group of any aspect of PCs.  Please contact us for details.

How Do We Make The Most Of Our Media In The Digital Age?

Most of us have a collection of CDs and DVDs and we can provide the solutions to enable our customers to store all of this material and stream it in a multi-room scenario, securely throughout a property and through the internet.

Do You Require A Custom Built Machine?

We are able to make a custom built PC to your exact specification. 

Please contact us for details.

Home Services

Parental Control
IT Health
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BeTechSavvy - Securing Your Networks

Wireless &Network Installation

Are you unsure on how to set up a power line, wireless network or broadband router/gateway?  Maybe you're experiencing problems with one already set-up?  If so, we can set these up / troubleshoot issues for you. 


We can secure your network from various attacks and increase network and device security by setting up two-factor authentication; using 'Google Authenticator' or a Yubikey / FIDO2 key.


Even if you use the equipment provided by your Internet supplier, we can assist in strengthening your network and its security.

BeTechSavvy - Advising on IT Security

Security Product Compatibility

With all the different security products and browsers, how do you know which one(s) to choose; which is the best, which is the fastest, which is the most secure? 


How do you stop companies tracking you online or data mining all of your online presence?


We can provide free advice on the majority of the security products on the market, any known compatibility issues with various versions of OS's.  We can install and set-up and configure your computer security.

BeTechSavvy - Advising on IT Security

Computer / Mac / Laptop Security

Is your computer running slowly and you suspect that you have been invaded by a virus, worm or some other form of malware?


We can remove all viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, bots or zombies without compromising your data.


We can advise you on the best device protection regardless of whether it be a mobile device or desktop or budget.

BeTechSavvy - Keeping your IT going!

IT Optimisation

We can carry out a spring clean of your computer, improving it's performance without the need for upgrading.


We can carry out Windows software upgrades or re-installation and advise how to avert a 'Blue Screen Of Death' if this occurs in the process.


Do you know what programs and services start in the background at start-up?  We can assist in reducing these to a minimum; boosting your start-up speed.

BeTechSavvy - Protecting Your Children

Parental Control

Is it important to control the access to messenger services or what your children can and cannot access on the internet or their mobile / gaming devices?


We can provide advice on various parental control products on the market and installation / set up and to protect your loved ones even on all of their devices.


BeTechSavvy - Helping You Stream Securely

Multi-Room Media & Home Automation

We now specialise in setting up and configuring various multi-room media solutions, even on a varying budget; Naim, SONOS, Bose, Blue Sound and Audio Pro are some of the ranges we specialise in.  


We use the Innuos Zen products to 'Losslessly' rip and store all of your CD's and connect this to your network; thus allowing access in a multi-room situation using mobile devices.


As home automation is on the increase, we can provide advice on how to make your life easier, whilst maintaining your security and privacy.

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